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Wed, 19 Jul 2006

12:17 AM - The day so far

Caryn's mom is doing ok.  (hospital)  Glad to hear that.

EMU emailed and i had to call them.  They took my modern east asia class. :)  That got me out of native amerian history which i was dreading.  Now i'm signed up for literature one day a week.  Half my classes only meet once a week!  That's awesome.  I'll have a shitload of time for homework between them.  16 credit hours still.

EMU also received my financial aid documents but they haven't been reviewed yet.

I also got some cvs work done on midnight bsd.  I'm almost through the /bin dir's source.  I had to reboot into windows to talk to pytox about an issue with his hosting. 

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4:17 PM - KOTOR

I just beat star wars KOTOR.  Kick ass.  I went through the sequence light so i got the happy ending and bastila died.  That sucked.  i kept the other chick alive.  28 hours according to xfire :)


5:07 PM - Wow.. retro fg

Thats what looked like in 2001.  I still love that design.


5:26 PM - Yes

Stocks are up today!  I recovered a little from all this crap  1 percent growth! 


5:54 PM - speaking of bewitched...

Caryn and I had a conversation where bewitched came up. :)

Well i'm getting the first season shipped to me now.  I better get something for the damn 29 percent interest on my credit card.


6:06 PM - blast from the past

I love that archive site.  Look at netscape:

That was before it was aolized.  I remember how the internet was and it makes me sad. 


6:10 PM - The history of NeXT in their own words!


  • Founded in September 1985 as NeXT Computer, Inc. by Steven P. Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc., and five Apple senior managers.
  • From 1985 - 1989 developed and marketed the NeXTcube (formerly the NeXT Computer) and NeXTstation product family. This included the NEXTSTEP operating system created for developing and deploying object-oriented applications for machines from such names as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Intel.
  • By 1992, according to analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC), NeXT became the fourth largest domestic supplier of UNIX workstations in the United States.
  • February 1993, company ceased manufacturing the NeXTcube and NeXTstation and announced it would focus on developing industry standard object-oriented software for mainstream computer platforms.
  • November 1993, decided to "open" NEXTSTEP and introduced OPENSTEP, an API based on NeXT's advanced object technology that allows portability of applications regardless of the underlying operating system or hardware.
  • 1993, made a commitment to provide customers with professional services to assure satisfaction with NeXT products throughout the application development/deployment lifecycle.
  • 1994, NeXT shipped Enterprise Objects Framework, a breakthrough technology that integrates NEXTSTEP-based object-oriented applications with data from leading relational databases.
  • 1995, increased market share to become the third largest supplier of object development tools, preceded by Microsoft and Borland International, neither of which focused exclusively on object-oriented technology.
  • 1995, leveraging its market position, unveiled WebObjects, its solution for building robust server-based applications for the World Wide Web.
  • December 1995, changed company name to NeXT Software, Inc.
  • July 1996, unveiled OPENSTEP Enterprise, an object-oriented environment to assemble, integrate, and universally deploy dynamic business applications across the Enterprise.
  • October 1996, shipped third release in a year of WebObjects and unveiled its strategy to support Sun's Java programming language.
  • December 1996, had licensed WebObjects to more than 275 customers and deployed applications in more than 35 leading companies worldwide.
  • February, 1997, acquired by Apple Computer to strengthen Apple's offerings of development software for the enterprise and Internet, and to enrich the Apple user's experience with a high-performance operating environment.
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