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Sun, 4 Jun 2006

8:25 PM - Moving Part I

I just got back from ann arbor.  Moved the cats this weekend along with some of the computers, clothes and a few other essentials.  Caryn's in ann arbor still and i'm here.  Feels a bit lonely though.  Having trouble on AIM talking to her.  Its the suxors.

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10:48 PM - The Sun

Just a brief server migration update. I decided to buy an 80gb 7200 RPM EIDE 8MB CACHE WD disk for the sun. It should be here in a few days. The current drive is only 9.1 gb which isn't enough to do shit. I bought the new drive for 51.45 :)

That will have enough space for a liberal solaris install and the sun enterprise crap. :)

And the many problems I've had with the new sun were related to the scsi card in it. I removed that and it runs great.