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Wed, 22 Mar 2006

9:16 PM - (no subject)

Well I just learned that overclocking sucks again. I fucked up the router a bit. It wouldn't boot until i cleared the cmos. I got back into it eventually and had to set it back up. I hate doing that. I think i got it mostly right, although I'm playing with the fan settings. I got it running quieter for now except under load (make buildworld, etc) I'm hoping it will be stable like this.

Caryn's watching tv i think. I turned in my linux assignment and got a lame response from my project partner for why he didn't present on tuesday causing a zero for our grade. I need to meet with the prof tomorrow to talk with him about it. I had a valid excuse to miss (jury duty) so maybe i'll be ok. I know my partner is fucked.

Almost all ports need updating on the router and with the sendmail hole, i'll probably patch the damn thing.