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Wed, 15 Mar 2006

2:59 PM - Apple switching to indian tech support?

From Macintouch:

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According to a friend of mine at Apple (where they've been assured from the top none of their support jobs are in jeopardy), Apple's interest in ramping up a call center in India will be for "low-end" support of iPods, the type of support that is easily accomplished by some support scripts involving how-tos and resets.

Apple is extremely sensitive to the negative impact Dell faced when outsourcing higher-end support to India. Apple is also extremely proud of its three-year streak of winning best customer support in Consumer Reports. They have no interest in jeopardizing that rating.

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10:11 PM - Hack no more...

I'm tired of the "hacks" on my system.  I've implemented a very good security model for non me users...