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Wed, 8 Mar 2006

11:36 AM - What to tell evan...

Hmm.. I proposed a question to my et clan and i'm waiting a little longer for answers from them. The lack of watching the forum in itself is quite disturbing.

Evan how would you feel if i joined on a trial basis?

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11:50 AM - OSX server.. oh please work

I just emailed the apple OSX server list for advice. I pray someone will have a solution to my hard drive dilema.

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7:04 PM - (no subject)

Weather was almost tolerable today. It got up to 50 deg F :)

My lab sucked in physics but we got it done early. Turned in my discrete homework, have another assignment due monday. Have a damn test tomorrow in asian history.

Chad's going to fuck up the xserve.. i mean image and install it. LOL. If its bad, I get to fix it friday in the TWO HOURS I'm scheduled for. It takes longer to image it!

All well. Not my server :)

Looks like things are settled with evan & fg. I'm stepping down as CL, someone else gets to deal with it and i'll go on trial with evan's clan to see how it works out. (still in fg as well)

I think its the best for everyone. It may give me an opportunity to work on my et moves instead of dicking with clan stuff. I can play WoW, xbox and CSS/DODS more too. I can game again!

Found some bugs in the JJ windows client today. I hope to do something with it soon.

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