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Wed, 15 Feb 2006

11:13 AM - Valentines

Caryn and I decided to stay home. She made dinner and I got her some goodies.

Thought I had a math test today.. just a quiz. I'm not sure if i missed the test or if it was postponed.. no one mentioned it and i didn't go for like a week. I'm going to look for the material to figure out what chapter.


6:23 PM - JJ 64bit is out

I just released the 64 bit windows client! (for amd64 and emt64 processors on windows xp 64bit)


6:29 PM - Windows Defender

Microsoft released a new version of microsoft antispyware but its now called windows defender. I'm running it now. The UI changed a lot.


9:34 PM - Internet explorer is broken

Well Microsoft outdid themselves this time. IE7 beta2 can not handle javascript properly. Not only do errors not appear, but the new template i've partially got up for justjournal won't render AT ALL in ie. No reason why either. It works in firefox and Safari ok. Very strange. I'm wondering if ie6 is working now...

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