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Mon, 2 Jan 2006

4:49 AM - (no subject)

Its 4:51am... i just finished the last monk episode. It was a nice episode.

Henry is trying to nap on caryn's cahir and midnight is at the window chirping.

I'm probably going to go to bed soon. I'm not feeling that great at the moment.

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10:19 PM - (no subject)

Purchased some new clothes today for the first time in over 6 months I think. It was quite nice to get some new pants. I put on a little weight this last year and our dryer sucks bad. Between the two I can't wear most of my jeans anymore. I was able to give them to caryn since they shrunk a bit. She got some new duds too. Penny's had a sale and most of the items i bought were 60 percent off! I think I bought 5 pairs of jeans and 3 or 4 shirts. Caryn got like 2 pair of jeans and a shirt.

I looked at battlefront 2 today at babbages. It looked ok, but I don't feel like spending 50 dollars on a game right now. I've got so many xbox games to play plus aoe3, WoW, ET and the sims. I even found a site with old games on it. Got a kewl spiderman dos game from the early 90s. Runs in dosbox too. I sent geo the link. That site got me thinking about tie fighter though. I loved that game. I have the mac os 8 version somewhere but it won't run on my mac now. It might run on caryn's with a joystick emulator in os9. Hmm...

I installed geo's theme the other day. People can now select that. I think that makes 13 themes for jj now.

I've been talking with fg| on how to make the server faster and lag less. I think a combination of removing maps and hosting our maps somewhere else would help. Pytox's campaign is just too big. I have a map list on fg| site right now in a thread.

I'm kind of wondering what rob's up to. I haven't talked to him for a few months. He's probably still in cali..

I read a very positive comment about gnustep today on slashdot. It made me think about my ideas very seriously for mbsd. I think i need some help with that soon.

I really want to port jj to windows but i'm not sure where to start. Getting server hardware is the hard part. I could colo 2 machines for 120 a month here if i could get the hardware together. Back in the old days rob and i would have scrounged something together for this i think.

I posted a comment in jenny's journal. Sounds like she's feeling better after a rough time there. I'm glad she had a good holiday though. Most of my family got the flu after the holt family christmas.

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