Tue, 29 Aug 2023

11:36 AM - mport 2.4.4

MidnightBSD 3.1 includes mport 2.4.3

mport clean now removes temporary files that might get left behind by other operations

mport clean now removes left over /var/db/mport/infrastructure/* folders that might get left behind prior to a fix for mtree files last year. (mostly for older systems)

mport's internal rmtree functionality has been modified to use native C routines rather than executing rm -r as a system command. (Please report any issues with removing files in packages on delete with this) This is slightly faster with very large packages. (0.03 seconds or so)

mport list updates will now give you better information about why a package is not found in the index. If the package is listed in the MOVED file in mports repository, it will tell you if it's removed/expired or moved to another location.

Now that MOVED file contents are part of the index, we can start doing smarter updates in the future. The first package build to include this data is the latest amd64 3.1 build that is likely going to be used for the upcoming midnightbsd 3.1 release.

We've tagged 2.4.4 in git with additional improvements

  • Adds mport config list to display all configured values

  • Fixes a bug with non-interactive console messages when downloading a file. (Uses percent and cuts down on output)