Sun, 28 May 2023

2:59 PM - New Browser: Raphael

Midori 9.x, the default browser in MidnightBSD, went EOL.? The 10.x version of the browser is electron based and doesn't support many operating systems.? That put us in a pickle.? We need a default browser and webkit browsers have been the most consistent with working on MidnightBSD.? Therefore, we forked Midori 9 as Raphael.? It's on github at

All browsers don't have to be chromium based.? That's a bad thing!?

We've also made progress on the firefox-esr port and getting that to build.? It's close to working but still some hurdles.? If we can get that fixed, we have two?decent options.

If you're interested in helping with the Raphael browser or fixing the firefox ports, we are open to pull requests!