Fri, 21 Apr 2023

9:40 AM - Access to packages available

If you're an end user and you want to know what software is available for MidnightBSD, the best place to go is the?app store. You can also use the mport search command to look for available packages, or in mports use make search key=

For software developers, there are several ways to get the data for consumption. Our package build cluster software has several endpoints available including:

The latest endpoint gives you a list of packages available in the most recent magus runs that have been blessed (published). The other one lets you look at a specific run and filter on status.

There are multiple APIs available in the app store as well. Consult the midnightbsd-app-store repository on GitHub for details on those.

Finally, there are the actual sqlite3 databases generated by blessed package builds per arch and os-release.