Tue, 7 Mar 2023

6:27 PM - MidnightBSD project updates

First, the 3.0 release has been blocked for some time due to a few key mports that just refused to build.  Today, we got LLVM 9/10/11 working on MidnightBSD 3.0.   This unblocks us to work on the remaining desktop ports to prepare for the release. 

We've published updated packages for 2.2 amd64, 2.2 i386, and 3.0 i386 over the weekend.  A new package build for 3.0 amd64 is in progress. 

Several bugs have been reported with the mport package manager stemming from some changes made back in December.  Users on 3.0 or 2.2 from git are impacted.  If you have 2.2.7 or older installed, it's not a problem.  We have a workaround committed in 2.2 stable branch to allow folks to install packages.  We're working on a better fix for the 3.0 release cycle. 

We fixed a recently reported security issue in the magus package cluster web interface.  Thanks for the report!

The new tentative plan is to release MidnightBSD 3.0 by the end of April.  This gives us time to get mports in shape and do additional testing.  

We've added some documentation on settings to use when creating virtual machines of MidnightBSD guests on the MidnightBSD wiki on Github (under src). 

Known issues: 
Some options don't appear to be working on some mports.  
Perl ports on some 3.0 installs aren't working properly.  
OpenJDK 8 is broken on 3.0
Avahi and boost broken on 3.0 and the biggest blockers to release at the moment.