Sat, 27 Feb 2021

12:46 AM - BastilleBSD

We recently added a new port, mports/sysutils/bastille that allows you to manage containers. This is a port of a project that originally targetted FreeBSD, but also works on HardenedBSD. 

You can see the getting started guide at the link below.

A few notes on using this with MidnightBSD.  Our port supports bootstrap, create, stop and destory.  It may work with ZFS but we have not tested it.   If you are using MidnightBSD 2.0.x amd64, you likely want to use a version of 2.0.3 in your create statement.  MidnightBSD versions don't include RELEASE or other strings at the end so it's just a straight up version number.  

The getting started guide also recommends using PF.  The instructions will work on MidnightBSD just fine, but you do need to disable IPFW which is enabled by default on MidnightBSD first.  

The update/upgrade function does not work in MidnightBSD right now because it requires binary update support. We do have the binary in 2.0 as it was planned to add it but the server side work isn't done yet. 

There's also a bug in the port but it shouldn't affect operation on MIdnightBSD, just if you tried to use that code on FreeBSD with pkg integration.  This came up when we upstreamed it and should be fixed in that PR now, although we didn't bother to fix the port since it's not used on other systems.