Sat, 19 Dec 2020

12:30 PM - late november mports activity


We've updated gnome web (epiphany), midori and webkit2-gtk3 mports.

We're in the process of updating GNOME 3.x

Two new security ports were added for systems that have ssh, mail, web or other services exposed to block some attackers. security/blacklist-de-all and security/fire-hol-list which install scripts that can download updates and you tie it in with IPFW and cron. These are unique to midnightbsd at the moment.

We've added bhyve-firmware ports recently to allow you to run linux or windows vms on midnightbsd, with some effort.

We just fixed a plist problem with the nvidia-driver port that should help folks trying to use it in stable/2.0 or 2.0.1.

We fixed a bug with one of the install scripts that will be present in 2.0.2. You can use mport install midnightbsd-desktop manually for now to get the desktop stuff.

We recently added an eclipse port. You can of course use this with java, php, C/C++ and several other languages.

We fixed some of the mono ports on stable/2.0 releases. Still need to update fsharp and fix gnome-sharp20

We updated the chromium port, although it's still broken at the moment, it's the first step in bringing a new native browser in.

As for firefox, we will first need to update our rust port which also is needed to fix several other broken ports and bring in librsvg_rust. The blocker on this before was the compiler in 1.2 so now with 2.0 out, we can revisit it.

we updated 2.0 amd64 packages recently.

We just ran a 2.0 i386 build with the first of the gnome 3 changes. 450 ports less than the previous run. we won't be releasing these packages, but it's a good start.

mail/evolution was updated.