Thu, 10 Sep 2020

11:03 AM - 2.0-CURRENT update

It's now possible to install 2.0-CURRENT from a 1.2.7 machine with some caveats. 

This is only tested on amd64 so far. 

before installworld, setenv  MK_TESTS no  (or put this in /etc/src.conf) 
lib/libcasper won't install without this. 

mergemaster is broken AFTER installworld.  Do mergemaster -p before at least

makewhatis is broken.  Comment out lines using it in src/share/man/Makefile when running installworld, then build makewhatis with new compiler, then uncomment and run make install from src/share/man directory to workaround this.  (it segfaults)

sendmail is not binding after updating.  Unclear what is going on so far.