Sun, 20 Jan 2019

1:20 AM - Roadmap

A lot of people have been curious what our plans are for this year.  I've also had a lot of bug reports lately. 

First, the plan is to release 1.1 in the next few weeks. This is mostly a security update with new versions of several popular software packages. It will be a small update from 1.0.  As a result of this work, plans for package manager changes have been pushed to 1.2 along with the related installer work. 

In terms of ports, we plan on looking into the flavors feature available in FreeBSD and other BSDs ports systems. Some of the plumbing has already been put into the package manager to support this. However, it will take a bit more work as there are modifications needed for our package cluster software to handle it. 

The package cluster software is getting rewritten currently. 

At the time of the 1.0 release, there were a lot of outdated packages. We've since fixed several and updated many gnome related ports. Qt5 updates are still on the todo list.  It was also determined that there are problems with python ports as more things are transitioning to python 3.x.  This requires the flavors work or a bunch of py3 ports to be created. 

On the browser front, epiphany and midori were updated last month along with some of the webkit ports. The firefox port is partially done, but stalled on badly needed compiler updates and patches. 

Work was started on porting LLVM properly, but complications arose upstream.  We didn't get a hard no, but a soft no along with needs for a build cluster node for their project. If someone is willing to donate this or time to help with getting upstream patches, that would be quite helpful. Proper LLVM/CLANG ports are needed at a starting point to get Rust and other languages working more easily. This is a top blocker for really solving long term browser support issues. 

We need help getting patches upstreamed with various projects.