Fri, 3 Aug 2018

7:37 PM - MidnightBSD 1.0 Current

We're currently working on a large merge of FreeBSD 10-stable (from late may) into MidnightBSD.  A large portion of this work is done, but there are still a few loose ends. 

  • Symbol adjustments might be made to libc

  • Several utilities are not connected to the build yet. 

  • There are problems building some of the release targets such as the uefi memstick

  • A few third party apps were etiher newer or older and not updated.  For example, our svn is still 1.8.x. 

  • There were bugs in the boot loader code due to a bad merge. Most if not all of this was fixed. 

  • Some architectures may still be using freebsd partition types, some utilities might not be switched over yet.  

We also removed the sensors framework during this migration.  There have been some locking problems in 0.8.x and it requires a rework.  

Also, we now have bhyve.  The good news is that it's possible to run FreeBSD on MidnightBSD in bhyve. The trick is to use a freebsd userboot file.  You can compile one from FreeBSD 10.x on midnightbsd or use the new port.  Another option that may work is using the grub port.