Thu, 15 Nov 2007

10:47 AM - GNUstep/Etoile

While I haven't been updating on all of our ports activity, I thought I'd share recent progress with GNUstep and Etoile ports.  A change in current to bring in pcc has caused a problem with any objective-c port.  Specifically the inclusion of libgcc_s in the base is conflicting with the port versions.  This only happens on current systems and only during the last few months.  (say september or so).  The changes *should* be backed out, however you may have a libgcc_s in /usr/lib causing problems.  If you update to the latest snap and then remove that file, things should work as expected.

Last night I updated gnustep-make to 2.0.2 and gnustep base.  I was able to build gorm and ProjectCenter successfully on these new versions.  Today I'm working on fixing several Etoile ports that have not weathered the recent change in naming of shared libraries as well as improvements to and  In short, I'm making the ports work again.

For variety sake, I've recently imported a good share of gnome into the system.  We're not switching from our goal, but wanted to diversify the ports system.  A few problems with GNUstep + the gcc changes + updating has caused us headaches and some developers and users wanted a backup. 

GNUstep has been working on 0.1-RELEASE (plus mports update) for some time.  We are currently building gcc 4.1 as a dependancy as it seems to be the most recent, reliable compiler for GNUstep on MidnightBSD. 

Etoile-iconkit was fixed just moments ago. 

The current recommended configuration for working with GNUstep on MidnightBSD is
gcc 4.1 (default port)
gnustep (as of last night) 
Etoile (if you want to play with it)
Gorm + project center or project manager
whatever apps you like.