Sun, 12 Jun 2011

4:15 PM - MidnightBSD Status Update for June 2011

mport tools

Progress has been made on the MidnightBSD package tools.  The mport tool can now download an index generated from the Magus build cluster using a bootstrap site and then fetch from mirrors defined in that file.  It checks for updates weekly for index files.  Several bugs have been fixed in fetching files.  Delete and Update commands are working and progress has been made on the upgrade command, although it's not quite production ready.  Upgrade allows you to update all packages on your system.  There are some ordering issues left to fix and we have some minor bugs with ports that contain pkgnamesuffix.

mport has a new command deleteall, which will remove all packages for a system.  This is good when you want to start over with an update or you want to test different package configurations. 

The remaining steps for mport tools include integration with the installer and squashing a few more bugs before the 0.4-RELEASE.



The GECKO engine makefiles have been tweaked to work better with newer versions of Mozilla products. Unbranded versions of Firefox are building again and work has begun on porting libxul for use with GNOME ports. 

Opera 11 has been added to the ports collection, but requires a very recent version of 0.4-CURRENT. . 

Chromium 5 has been in the tree for a few months and we're working on getting a newer version ported. 


Gnome 2.32 is slowly shaping up in the tree. We have 90% of gnome2-lite working excluding yelp and epiphany which require libxul.  Gtk, and many Gnome ports have been updated in the process


MySQL, Postgresql, and sqlite3 have been updated to recent builds.  This includes several performance and security enhancements. 7.5 has been imported into mports.  This combined with the recent drm update, allow newer video cards to work with acceleration.  This should improve support for all major graphics card vendors.


0.4-CURRENT has many improvements including mksh R40, Perl 5.14, security updates for BIND, drm updates, fixes for cam(3), and the default blocksize for UFS/FFS was increased to 32K with 4K fragments. The latter change will work better with advanced format hard drives like the WD Green drives (EARS).  

Sendmail 8.14.5 was imported.

Finally, xz and liblzma have been added to the tree.