Fri, 11 Feb 2011

9:04 AM - Activity in 0.4-CURRENT

Right after the release, I focused on getting some contrib software up-to-date.  While writing the release notes for 0.3, it was apparent that we needed to get on the ball.  

OpenSSL, OpenSSH, file, GNU sort, awk, sqlite, tcsh, BIND and sudo have all been updated in the last month.  I've added it(4) and lm(4) to work with the sensors framework introduced in 0.3.  eeemon(4) was recently added for hardware monitoring on some Asus eee PCs.  alc(4) was introduced for atheros gigabit lan cards.  ale, alc, ae were all added to GENERIC in current.  

Intel coretemp(4) monitor was modified to work with the sensors framework. It's now possible to monitor the CPU temp with sensorsd on Intel CPUs.  I'm working on adding similar functionality to amdtemp.  

A locking fix was introduced today on the route code related to ICMP traffic.