Mon, 2 Apr 2007

1:06 AM - ProPolice

From our security officer:

After a long weekend and much testing, I have integrated propolice into our system.. This will translate into both a more secure and stable userland, kernel, and mports system. While this is very well tested on OpenBSD and a few other systems, it is still very much beta for us. We will be requiring a lot of testing of both the base system as well as that of mports. While many mports will not be affected, I am certain that many of them have horrid code that will turn up when we least expect it.

This is only the first step in what will become numerous security changes to our base system. While we are creating a Desktop system that will be easy to use, another aspect is that we must keep it secure with little needed interaction from a user unless they want to.

Please send any issues or concerns that you find with this change to security@ and we will be happy to explain and or try and resolve your issue.