Wed, 18 Oct 2006

12:16 PM - rm, ls, amd, GNUstep?

I've commited some minor changes to rm (1) and ls (1) today along with some corrections to the amd (8) rc startup script. 

On the GNUstep front, installer changes must be made to add GNUstep and its environment.  This can not be completed until the installer allows ports to be installed, etc.

A list of apps to include in a default install have not been determined yet.  A word processor, text editor, email client, web browser and media player are obvious needs.  I'd like a good sampling of GNUstep applications with the system.  I'm going to look at the GNUstep live cd for ideas, but any additional thoughts could be left on our website forums in the GNUstep section.  In fact, any applications that you want in base, please post there.  We'd love to know what users or potential users actually want or need.  Please specify if you *need* it or just want it.  As a BSD project, we don't want to include too much where it feels big (4CD redhat install is bad for instance)  Our installer should be smaller than Windows Vista + Visual Studio or Mac OS X including developer tools. (hopefully smaller than that)

So far we have been unsuccessful getting Etoile to run on MidnightBSD.  Our current plan is to roll out GNUstep and some basic apps with our installer first and then revisit Etoile.  This will give their project more time to improve the system and will give us time to get essential components ready.  If etoile does not work out, we'll go down a different path. 

We've had increasing pressure to release a release lately.  I realize everyone is anxious, but I also know we will be heavily judged on this first release.