Sun, 8 Oct 2006

2:30 AM - Subtle changes

I've made a few minor changes to the boot/loader code this morning. The changes should fix problems with some HP/Compaq computers and the general size of the boot2 code should be a bit smaller.

I also looked at the report about the boot menu specifying FreeBSD. I could easily change the code to simply print BSD as it does for all other BSD systems. I'll hold off on that change until the other boot changes are verified.

On the topic of OpenSSH, raven has been delayed finishing the work.

I've also researched the dri/drm reports a bit. Our dri code matches the code in FBSD 6.1 Release. There have been recent commits to fix a few things, notably the intel 945 chipset. I may look at importing those later. Until we get a newer xorg version in ports, it won't make much difference.

The timezone issue should be resolved with the installer and while running tzsetup.

TODO: remove some of the alpha code in boot, etc. Consider importing bzip2 changes for boot when they are finished. Look into upgrading xorg to 7.x.