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Thu, 6 Jun 2024

10:53 AM - Project Update

Project update:

We've been working on restoring the UK mirror after a complete loss of the OS on the server after an update. (it was a freebsd box at ovh) It's been rsyncing for over a week now. We're only getting about 500kbps for some reason. Very slow. At this point, it should have everything but snapshots. 900 files to go.

We've updated amd64 and i386 3.1 packages recently with the latter being the first update since November. We're currently working on building packages for 3.2 amd64.

A 3.2 stable branch was created recently and we plan to fix a few bugs and get updated packages and then do a release off this branch. The original timeline was may but several issues have slowed us down.

One of our VM servers died suddenly in May. It was a consumer Ryzen 5700x box 64GB 3 SSDs. We've replaced it with an HPE dl360 gen9 with e5 xeon v3 24 cores / 48 threads 160GB RAM and 6 SAS SSDs.

We had to do a large refactor on how we handle perl for the new 3.2 version and this caused a lot of 3.1 ports to break. We've fixed these for folks on the latest 3.1.x release, but if you are on an early release, you may experience issues with man page paths for perl ports. We recommend updating to the latest 3.1.5 as of writing. (if you install via packages, it should work OK with other 3.1.x releases)