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Wed, 5 Jul 2023

1:35 AM - Magus changes

I started working on some changes for Magus to parse the MOVED file. In MidnightBSD, a lot of tools don't do much with that file so it's never been consistently managed. 

The idea is that we can index it with each magus run and then provide the data in the index file generated for packages.  This would provide hints about packages that were really removed vs renamed.  We could then install the renamed/moved package on upgrades and when using the mport list command, it could more accurately guess if packages were removed or just unavailable. 

This solves a problem that's bugged me for awhile with mport.  Of course, we're only working on the first step now.  

The steps for this are:

1. add it to the magus indexer.  (needs testing)

2. Export the data during a magus bless from the new MOVED table in the postgresql database to a table in the generated sqlite index files for mport to use.  (need to update magus bless utility)

3. Modify mport package manager to read the data from the table in the index 

4. Update the mport list command to display more accurate data about packages that have expired, will expire, or are deleted/removed

5. Modify the mport info command to display information about package expiry etc 

6. Modify the upgrade command (and possibly update) to make more intelligent decisions about package renames and possibly ask a question on upgrade/update/install paths about packages that are deprecated.