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Sun, 13 Sep 2020

4:44 PM - webcam on MidnightBSD

Folks have been asking me about webcams lately.  I've previously gotten an integrated cam on my thinkpad working, but decided to try to get my logitech 920 usb camera working on my desktop.  

I've installed the following packages:

webcamd, cuse4bsd, pwcview (new port), v4l-utils (new port), v4l_compat

I then did 

kldload cuse4bsd 

also added it to /boot/loader.conf

Then I did 

webcamd scan

I found the camera line and copied the -N  line for it into /etc/rc.conf as 
webcamd_o_flags="-N ... " 

I added my user to webcamd group. 

I then started webcamd.  I was able to load pwcview (as root) and see the picture from the camera at this point. Cheese is not seeing the camera though and neither is firefox with youtube.