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Tue, 8 Sep 2020

10:11 AM - MidnightBSD 1.2.8

There was a security issue in dhclient. We've created new ISOs for 1.2.8 for those installing from scratch.  

If you are on 1.2.7, you can simply update the source from git for stable/1.2 branch and rebuild dhclient.


10:13 AM - Rust

We've finally got a native rust port (lang/rust) with 1.2.6.x version of rust.  The blocker to updating further is a newer system compiler. We will attempt to updatee to 1.3.0 or so.


10:14 AM - Golang

The go port has been updated in mports to 1.14.3.  (lang/go)  This should allow newer go apps to be built.


10:15 AM - Current

Current was recently renamed 2.0 (rather than 1.3) in case we need to do a security upate past 1.2.9.  It also made sense as 2.0 is a major update. 

There aren't any snaps yet for current.  In fact, it's not building at the moment. We're actively working on it.  Buildworld on an amd64 box gets into lib32 compat libraries at this point.