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Thu, 7 Jul 2016

8:26 PM - Downloads and traffic to

We’ve had 1370 downloads from our CDN in the last month for 0.7 release.?

Website traffic from April 20 to May 20:

1840 sessions
1504 users
3558 page views
31% traffic from Russia
17.66% from US
5% from Germany

Browser stats:
48% Chrome
27% Firefox
6% Safari
5% Opera


8:26 PM - MidnightBSD 0.7.9 RELEASE

Fix four security issues with MidnightBSD.

The implementation of TIOCGSERIAL ioctl(2) does not clear the output
struct before sending to userland in the linux emulation layer.

The compat 43 stat(2) system call exposes kernel stack to userland.

libarchive - CVE-2015-2304 and CVE-2013-0211 fix issues with
cpio directory traversal and an integer signedness error in the archive
write zip data routine.