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Wed, 26 Jun 2013

8:26 AM - MidnightBSD Update

There have been two snapshots release in the last few months, i386 and amd64.  The former appears to be bug free and was created this month.  You can find it in the snapshots directory under i386 and 0.4-130610-SNAP.  The amd64 snap has a few bugs, but can be installed.

Both of these snapshots are for 0.4-CURRENT.  Recently, we created a branch for 0.4 and there are a few large big fixes and one security update since the snapshots were released. It is strongly recommended to rebuild from the 0.4 branch after installing a snapshot.

There are currently no packages for i386 available.  The index does not work with the newer mport tool in RELENG_0_4.  As the ports tree is in the middle of a major update, it's not stable enough to release packages yet.  I'm working on this problem.

Most notebly QT4 is broken right now. ports, dbus, gcc and many other ports have been updated in the last month. There have been many architecture changes to the mports/Mk extensions as well. We now support some FreeBSD ports USES statements (pathfix, charset, ncurses, pkgconfig) which makes migrating ports from FreeBSD easier.

Magus has been running lately and churning out test builds of packages. The results for the last 3 runs were quite bad.