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Mon, 18 Apr 2011

12:39 AM - (no subject)

This month has been crazy for me.  As I had a business trip and then got sick, I haven't had as much time as I'd like with MidnightBSD.  I managed to get a few ports updated today and fixed a bug in src showing up in tinderbox.  

The MidnightBSD forums have been taken offline until I can find a solution to the terrible spam problem.  Please use the mailing list instead.   The BSD licensed forum software I was using, jforum, has a few antispam features but it's rather clunky to use.  It would be nice if I could block ip quickly by user's last ip or even a subnet.  The spam is coming from China.  I suspect there are a few bugs with input parsing and a script is able to create accounts and spam from it even with activation emails and other measures. It was using a large amount of my bandwidth as well as slowing down several of the websites and causing large companies to contact me regarding trademark use.  :) 

My original goal was to get the 0.4-RELEASE out in May.  As I've lost most of April, I'm not shooting for June.  This is a smaller release focusing on the transition to the mport package system.  I'm also trying to get as many ports as possible updated for the release.