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Mon, 24 Jan 2011

9:25 AM - Update on release prep

The amd64 package run is complete and we're in a ports freeze right now until the release is completed.  Currently waiting on i386 packages.   I plan to create a snapshot with packages for testing before the branch is tagged.  I'll post it on the FTP server for public testing.

Several little bugs were fixed yesterday with some newer functionality and with the check-old target.  


9:38 AM - Magus run 209

This is the run for AMD64 that I intend to use for the 0.3-RELEASE. Some of the failed packages can be safely built outside of magus and I'll post those on the FTP server later.   210 might be the i386 run depending on the results. 



7:35 PM - amd64 packages

I've published the preliminary packages for amd64 to the FTP server.  The symlinks need to be setup yet for pkg_add -r to work.  There's roughly 2420 packages available.

i386 is still building.