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Wed, 15 Dec 2010

7:53 PM - OpenBSD IPSEC allegations

There has been some concern raised about the possibility of a backdoor in the IPSEC implementation of OpenBSD.  As OpenBSD's implementation was the basis of FreeBSD's IPSEC code and we use the same code,  I want to make others aware of this issue.

 I have not audited this code so I don't know if this is true, but I find it unlikely.  I will defer to others in the BSD community to audit the code in OpenBSD before taking any actions.  

I have never been approached about adding a backdoor into MidnightBSD. To the best of my knowledge, none exists.


8:13 PM - The next release

We're working on stabalizing mports for the next release.  There are several ports known to be broken that are important.  Currently, we've got about 2200 ports building on amd64 and a little less on i386 (although that environment is using the new mport tools).  

When KDE 3 and a good part of gnome are stable, we'll do RE.  Now is the time to look for security updates or to help with port fixes for 0.3.  Also, any issues with 0.3 (src) should be noted.