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Mon, 1 Nov 2010

1:34 PM - Tasks I could use help with

Here is a list of things that I could assistance with:

Get perl to cross compile in the base system.  This would allow me to test via tinderbox on non amd64 architectures.

Integration of mdns responder.  I've got a good start on it, but it needs to be finished.  I've got to focus on other parts right now.

Investigate the newer intel drivers in freebsd for network cards.  em was split into three and we should look at porting those changes back.

Upgrade DRI/DRM support in the kernel to either the version in FreeBSD 7.2 or something newer from the Linux kernel (it's MIT licensed).  This would help  us get some ATI cards working.

Port changes to get newer NVIDIA binary blobs working.