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Fri, 1 Oct 2010

8:42 AM - netwait

I've added a new rc.d script called netwait.  It allows the system to use ping testing to wait for a working network interface on startup.  One problem I've found is that certain network cards change link state several times during system startup.  My desktop's re(4) is notorious for it.  

This script allows remote file systems, system daemons like ntpd, and other services to startup properly with a working network connection.

Additional testing is required with several situations:

1. various no and limited network connectivity scenarios 

2. different network cards

3. ipv6 on/off

The script sits between NETWORKING and mountcritremote in rc order.  

I found the script as part of a FreeBSD PR:

Jeremy Chadwick wrote this for FreeBSD prior to the shuffling of the networking scripts in rc.d in FreeBSD CURRENT.   There are two interesting discussions on the FreeBSD mailing lists about this problem.