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Sun, 7 Feb 2010

4:11 PM - FTP

The MidnightBSD FTP server has been down since the server migration.  I'm working on getting it back into place.  It's over 32GB in size currently.   


4:13 PM - 0.3-CURRENT Snapshot

I'm pleased to announce a new i386 snapshot for MidnightBSD.  This is the first snap in some time and a big improvement over our previous snapshot.  It does not contain mports, but is a fully functioning installer.  I've tested it on VMWare Fusion with great success.  

This version includes this weekends work on ata(4), re(4), and rl(4).  

I'm going to upload it as soon as the FTP is in place. 


11:05 PM - FTP status update

The FTP server is back online.  45GB of data copied.  I've also posted the new snapshot for i386 tonight.  

Mirmon is now getting updated again with FTP history.  Most sites haven't tried to sync for a week.  Of course there was nothing to sync.   I'm going to verify that rsync is working properly tomorrow.  

A few CGI scripts and portions of the site including viewvc and the wiki are still down.  cvsupd is also not operational due to problems on amd64.  (i switched architectures in the move)  Once the port is fixed, I'll get it back online.  Patches are welcome to speed up the process :)

The news script should be rotating again on