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Thu, 4 Feb 2010

10:26 PM - Status udpate

 Magus website and bugzilla are back up.  I also committed a fix for the seg faulting sftp problem on some systems.  I've noticed it on amd64.

Several perl prots were updated today and I found a bug in XML:Parser.  Don't give it two single ticks in a row.


10:30 PM - (no subject)

 Tip: If you're using MidnightBSD current, you can try out the netpgp utility as part of the base system.  It allows you to do PGP operations without installing a port. 

There's also the new unzip utility which works for basic unzip operations but doesn't always work as a replacement for the port version.

There's also been some recent improvements to several periodic scripts; be sure to mergemaster if you upgrade to recent current.