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Mon, 29 Jun 2009

12:54 AM - mports work

www/browser3 is now building on some systems.  It's been tested with current in a limited configuration so far.  Please report success/failure with the port so we can improve it.  (It's unbranded F* 3.0.11)

net-im/pidgin has been updated to 2.5.8 which fixes several security vulnerabilities.

net-im/pidgin-twitter has been updated to .84

net-im/libpurple has been updated to 2.5.8 as well.

mail/linux-thunderbird has been updated and fixes a security vulnerability.

multimedia/gstreamer was updated to 0.10.23.  This port hasn't been touched for two years, so it's a big update.  The plugins ports will be updated soon.  This does not include the update for the recently reported png vulnerability, but it does cover several others.



1:00 PM - Current updates related to mports

If you've had trouble building db45, db46 or db47 on current, try updating your sources.  A fix was included in the world that corrects the problem.  There have also been recent updates to fix crashing bugs with SSL enabled mports on current.