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Thu, 21 May 2009

10:55 AM - Mports updates

 New mports:


p5-Jcode (japanese) 





Updated mports:






10:59 AM - src work; sysinstall tweaks

Yesterday, I added several new features to sysinstall and removed some old code.  sysinstall nows prompts you to select a country on startup so that it can help you pick keyboard mappings, etc.  I removed the option for tape drives that according to freebsd activity hasn't worked in years.  I also got rid of the block size options since the newer installer uses bsdcpio aka libarchive backed.  I also fixed some of the messages regarding the boot loader and a warning for vista users.  The boot manager does not support vista yet.  There are alternatives such as gag or using vista's own boot manager.  Finally, i added a new option to enable powerd from the installer.  It's now disabled by default (again) due to so many systems freezing on startup with it on.  I suggest you use it if it works for you.

re(4) and the usb stack have been fixed in relation to my Asus motherboard. If you have an 8169 part from Realtek, you may need to turn of hardware checksums, but otherwise it's working.  0.3-CURRENT as of yesterday is required for the Asus M4A78 Plus.

Users of vge(4) can now turn of hardware checksumming.

There are a few other fixes like AMD GEODE USB/EHCI chip workaround, reporting of cpu features on newer AMD chips (phenoms)    


11:09 AM - One more thing

Current is building again.  The problems with the openssh 5.2 import have been fixed.  mksh was updated the other day as well from CVS.