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Tue, 20 Jan 2009

1:55 PM - bwi(4)

Yesterday, I added bwi(4) to MidnightBSD.  It's still quite experimental, but it's working with my LINKSYS pccard.  In fact, there are problems using it with ndis in CURRENT, but it works with bwi(4).  

In case you're curious, I use WPA and have wpa_supplicant kicking in on boot.  So far, I've only tested it with very light usage (ssh).  It's probably not as stable as in DragonFly or OpenBSD.   


1:58 PM - rc.d

Over the weekend, I made a number of changes to rc.d.  In particular, networking and file system mounting scripts were altered.  Please report problems if they are encountered.

On the upside, more of the ZFS stuff is in place.