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Tue, 13 Nov 2007

12:23 AM - drivers

The drivers for ati, nvidia, and intel graphics adapters have been updated to the newest available versions.  I've also updated the joystick driver to 1.3.0. 


12:25 AM - Magus

We're still running the AMD64 build.  With one machine it is not as fast as it could be.  The real issue is that magus does not have support for 2 core systems. We can't manually exec a second instance as they will clash.  We're looking into ways to allow for concurrency on powerful systems . This was not a design consideration since we were working with old intel boxes and thinking about old single cpu suns. 

We've had a few bugs with this run.  Specifically the ssh tunnel is dying once in a while.  I modified the script to start the tunnel to sleep 5 seconds and then try to open a fresh tunnel.  If it happens at the right time, we're fine.  Since making that change, it's only occured once where the tunnel dropped. 

We may have to move the master elsewhere to avoid this in the future.

One port (pear) has continuously failed and should be fixed.  It attempts to ask for a file to patch :)

Overall, considering magus is still "alpha" software I'd say it's working quite well.  We've been able to fix a large number of ports we didnt' know where broken or unfetchable.  I'll admit that it's been distracting though.  We haven't done much outside of ports in the last month or so.