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Sat, 10 Nov 2007

12:17 AM - Magus build cluster + amd64

For the first time, we're running a second architecture on the build cluster. I'm testing CURRENT on amd64 against the most recent mports snap used by the i386 run. This setup is a bit odd as the only machine is at home.

The current build cluster is housed at Eastern Michigan University in one of the Computer Science department labs. Since the master is also there for performance reasons, and behind a firewall, I've setup a ssh tunnel to proxy the mysql connections to the master. (it's actually 2 tunnels) I'm a bit concerned about one of the tunnels dropping, but it's still an interesting experiment. The packages are getting stored locally instead of going to the master as usual.

We did manage to get through most of archivers so far. Even though this machine is the only node building, it's also a Pentium D 805 with 2.5GB of RAM and SATA instead of a P4 1.4Gzh with 512MB and IDE.