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Sat, 27 Oct 2007

12:53 AM - Magus build cluster

Instead of writing additional text, I'll post a message I sent to the mailing list:

Chris has written software in perl to run a build cluster for mports.
Our first run was done this week. We built 1112 ports successfully
with 137 failures and the remaining ports untested (depends that
failed prevented the build). This run was done on the tagged mports
for 0.1.1 release. We'll be using many of the packages on the FTP
server and in the release.

Eastern Michigan University's computer science department donated 10
Dell Optiplex GX 240 systems for use with the cluster. They also
donated network resources. The results of the cluster activities can
be seen at

The first run started with three nodes and one master at 12:30 in the
afternoon and completed the next day before noon. We added systems
during the run as we brought them up. Eight nodes were online by the

The next run will be done on the current ports tree which has grown by
300 ports or so. We've updated to 7.3 and added many gnome
ports in the last few weeks. 20-30 of the failures have been fixed in
the current tree.

The build cluster uses perl and MySQL 5.0. It builds each port in a
chroot environment which has allowed us to catch several subtle issues
with some ports. Each node has 512MB of RAM, an ATA 100 disk and an
early Intel P4 chip.

You can direct questions about the cluster to the list or email the

Special thanks to EMU's CS department for helping us and ctriv@ for
writing the software.


12:54 AM - rc.d

I've made several changes to rc.d. Sendmail no longer regenerates aliases. A new pivot point was created, FILESYSTEMS. This follows a similar change in FreeBSD. We don't need it as we're not preparing for ZFS, but it makes sense, and it's much easier to follow. We also added the graceful stop when an error occurs from NetBSD. Testing on my desktop has been rather successful.