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Thu, 18 Oct 2007

12:03 AM - xorg status update

I've got 7.3 running on an amd64 host and a i386 box (pentium 4) at home and work respectively. GNUstep, qt, gdm, gedit and all their depends are working.

We are using a symlink for /usr/X11R6 -> /usr/local

I still need to test KDE and many other small apps. Please report any bugs to us using the forums,, irc, email, or whatever.

I'm test building Etoile 0.2 right now.


12:09 AM - 0.1.1 status

I've been having trouble getting time to build packages on our 0.1.1 systems. ctriv and I setup three new machines with 0.1.1 at EMU. We're going to build the packages on those machines. The downside is that it's taking longer, but we'll have a larger variety of packages than the 0.1 release had.


1:37 AM - GNUstep + etoile situation

Further testing has revealed a real problem. GNUstep seems to have two issues. First, at 16 bit color depth it has blank menus. Someone else reported this issue on ubuntu and closed the ticket:

I've experienced this on 7.3 with the latest stable versions of GNUstep.

At 24 bit depth, the menus draw about a menu's length from the top. So instead of say a menu getting put at the top there is an offset. In the console there are errors about negative values and bad values. I first noticed this with Etoile, but realized it was GNUstep causing the problem. This totally ruins the Etoile experience. When I get more time, I need to investigate a fix for this.


12:40 AM - Testing Etoile

Here's a blog entry detailing some steps to test Etoile. It also describes how to start Etoile properly.