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Tue, 21 Aug 2007

4:33 PM - Etoile progress

Most of the Etoile ports have been fixed.

x11-themes/etoile-camaelon is still broken. It is looking for a header that does not exist in newer GNUstep releases. The Etoile project has a fix in their SVN repository. One of our new developers, Seirei@ has offered to update the Etoile ports to a newer version. (0.2) He's started working on that.

I'll post an update when we have everything back in action.


4:36 PM - BSD licensed compiler

We've added nwcc to mports. The current version in mports is not designed for everyday use, but we hope to help find bugs and such. Eventually, it might be included in the base system. There is a newer version on sourceforge with bug fixes. We'll be adding that as a devel port later. This version requires nasm or yasm (depending on arch).

Obviously we will still ship gcc in some capacity for GNUstep development.