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Mon, 6 Aug 2007

12:58 AM - Heads up: 0.1-RELEASE coming

I've already tagged the release.  It's the first time I've done this so expect a few hiccups.  The i386 version should be out in the next 24 hours unless something weird happens.

I already forgot something.... the example csup file is wrong..

So here's what I did do:
RELENG_0_1_0_RELEASE is tagged
mports was tagged as RELEASE_0_1_0
src/sys/sys/param.h was bumped.
changes were made to various files in src/release
sysinstall was altered so that several documentation menu entries are not present.  This release does not include documentation (beyond man pages).

If there are any glaring issues, I'll do a 0.1.1 release.  Remember this is a 0.1 release for a reason.  It should be fairly stable, but there are many things we have not done yet.  0.1 does not use many of the mports changes and things of that nature.  Users interested in that will want to move to CURRENT (0.2). 

A few closing words, try to download from a mirror!


3:54 PM - MidnightBSD 0.1-RELEASE

We are proud to announce the first RELEASE of MidnightBSD for 32bit Intel systems. (Intel Pentium, Core, AMD Athlon, etc) .
(rsyncing right now)
(official mirror)

Here is a list of issues with the release:


Installation issues package is missing dependancies on disc2.
mutt package is missing urlview dependancy on disc2.

GNUstep package includes gdnc which is missing

bash 3 and gmake missing This can be fixed by uninstalling gettext and building it from the port. The port is not including the shared library for some reason. We are investigating.

System issues

CVSUP example for updating src fetches CURRENT instead of RELENG_0_1

Using Virtual PC for Windows:
If you install MidnightBSD in VPC, you will need to set hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" in /boot/device.hints This will help with the "calcru: negative runtime of" issue.


5:16 PM - German Article

Apparently, we were featured in an article.


10:46 PM - Post 0.1-RELEASE Updates

RELENG_0_1 includes two fixes with issues found in 0.1-RELEASE. The first update fixes the CVSUP standard-supfile example (see

The second update turns on the new mports system. 0.1-RELEASE uses the older file. Packages built for 0.1-RELEASE relied on the old system as well.

It is recommended that users install the new gettext package from our FTP server or build the port and replace the version included on the install CDs. This fixes several problems with the ports not running with missing libraries.

The m4 port was backed back down to 1.4.9 to fix some issues with older software requiring automake/autoconf in mports.

Submit any bug reports using or

Finally, the ISC mirror finished rsyncing.