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Sat, 4 Aug 2007

8:26 PM - MBSD status

We're working on last minute fixes before the 0.1 Release.  Most of the issues are in ports.  I'm test building some packages and hope to get the new ones on the FTP server in the next 24 hours. 

All security issues have been dealt with in 0.1 and CURRENT that we are aware of at this time.  There are quite a few out of date ports.  I'm trying to patch ports with security issues first.

CUPS was at 1.2.7 which is quite out of date.  I've managed to update it to 1.2.11.  The new version fixes several security issues.  The MUTT port has some issues.  I'm working on that now.  astro/xearth is broken.  A recent GNUstep fix was backed out to solve problems building gnustep-back.  razor-agents was updated to fix a build issue with the p5-Mail-SpamAssassin port. 

OSVERSION checks were removed from all ports.  This should speed up building various ports and prepare us for switching kern.osreldate to our own value.  We still need to go through the src tree. 

A few obsolete file systems were removed from src in CURRENT.  The autofs and umap are no longer included.  The former was never finished and the latter was seriously broken.  We enabled HPFS for testing, but we do not yet know if this will be permiment.  I'm going to install OS/2 Warp 4 to test it after the 0.1 release cycle.  Work continues on removing alpha and pc98 support.  We do not have the machines to support either architecture so it is best just to remove the code.  The arm, ia64 and sparc64 code will remain for now.  I'd like to support sparc64 and arm down the road.  We're debating what to do with PowerPC.  If we can get it running on a system, it's very possible we will support it.  Several of the developers have older Macs.