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Thu, 2 Aug 2007

2:26 AM - German Translation/ Mailing Lists

Seirei has been working on a German translation of the website. It is still a work in progress, but I've linked it in on the first page of the English site. I'll probably work on adding the link on the rest of the site and trying to add the images and movie to the russian site if I get a chance.

I added some new mailing lists tonight. There is now a users, kernel and cvs list. You can follow ALL cvs commits, discuss issues with midnightbsd on users or talk about kernel issues and development. Actually, the kernel list should be used for more technical questions in the same manner as the DragonFly lists. We're not big enough to warrant having so many lists like FreeBSD. I'm rather new to setting up GNU MailMan so if anything is borked, let me know.