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Wed, 1 Aug 2007

10:42 PM - OSVERSION / kern.osreldate

MidnightBSD currently maintains the FreeBSD osreldate of 601000 as we have most of the patches and elements from 6.1 Release. However, osreldate is a very useful tool to make adjustments between versions in ports. The ports tree relies on OSVERSION values for FreeBSD. All uses of this must be purged before we can switch over to using our own value.

All new ports should not use the value and any existing ports found should remove the dependance on it. I went through the mports tree and cleaned out about half of the uses today. When mports are updated, you may notice a lot of changes. Few ports had any significant functionality change.

Also, we are getting reports that some ports have not been fixed from the mports transition. Please file bug reports or let one of the developers know if a port is broken. Any developers should mark them broken and file a bug report so we can look at them later. If it is an easy fix or you have time, fix it and submit. compat4x is known to be broken. The firefox (native) port is also broken.