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Sat, 21 Jul 2007

5:55 AM - CLI Live CD

I've posted two Live CDs on the FTP server. Both are based on MidnightBSD 0.2 CURRENT. You can download a Live CD for i386 or AMD64. The current approach uses acd0 for booting so most elements are mounted read-only. These Live CDs are not intended for installation, although it might be possible to fdisk/bsdlabel the system and copy the contents of the CD with a few changes to /etc/fstab.

Long term I'm hoping to get this working with X11 + GNUstep and create an installer for MidnightBSD.

This is based on the process used to create DragonFly ISOs.




6:21 AM - How to make your own MidnightBSD Live CD

Yesterday, I committed some new files in src/nrelease in CURRENT. cvs update -d your source tree, then do a make buildworld, buildkernel, installkernel, reboot installworld, mergemaster process. This approach works if you're tracking CURRENT.

Now, go into /usr/src/nrelease. Run make buildiso and make mkiso. This will create a new directory /usr/release, install the buildworld into it and then create an ISO.

If you wish to customize the ISO, go into src/nrelease/root. You can add files and tailer files for the CD there.