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Mon, 16 Jul 2007

7:00 AM - 0.2 snapshot

I've created an i386 0.2 snap without ports or packages.  The snap has yet to be tested, although I'm preparing to do so.  Presuming this snap works as expected, it should be much more compatible with the changes to the mports system. 

This snap includes userland updates to openssh and cvs as well as bug fixes and improvements.  There is support for additional sound hardware.  You can get a feel for ctriv and wintellect's work on mports. 


7:09 AM - Doh!

The 0.2 snap does not work.  There seems to be a problem with cpio
/stand/cpio malformed number...

ugh.  Well I'll be looking at this problem later. 

Update: it does appear to be cpio related.