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Sat, 30 Jun 2007

2:20 AM - PHP5

The PHP5 port was updated to 5.2.3. The new version includes several security patches.

Fixed an integer overflow inside chunk_split() (by Gerhard Wagner, CVE-2007-2872)
Fixed possible infinite loop in imagecreatefrompng. (by Xavier Roche, CVE-2007-2756)
Fixed ext/filter Email Validation Vulnerability (MOPB-45 by Stefan Esser, CVE-2007-1900)
Fixed bug #41492 (open_basedir/safe_mode bypass inside realpath()) (by bugs dot php dot net at chsc dot dk)
Improved fix for CVE-2007-1887 to work with non-bundled sqlite2 lib.
Added mysql_set_charset() to allow runtime altering of connection encoding.


3:08 AM - More ports updates

Some bugs with the xine and libxine ports were fixed. If you had trouble building libxine before, try now. Let me know if there are any errors.

GNU m4 in devel/m4 has been updated to 1.4.9 from 1.4.4.

GNUstep ports seem to build on my laptop now. I'm having some issues running the TextEdit port, but I'm thinking it's a local issue with my laptop setup. I'm building a fresh system in virtual pc on my windows box to test.

The php5-sqlite port was fixed. It was failing after the PHP 5 update.


3:11 AM - Sound

I checked in a new sound rc.d script that loads the appropriate kernel module for specific sound cards. Not all the PCI IDs are in the associated file. This is based on the FreeSBIE/PC-BSD/DesktopBSD scripts.

If you find a missing PCI ID, let me know. You can disable the script and then load all the sound drivers using loader.conf or try loading the module for your specific card.

So far I've tested this on my laptop with great success. After a little testing, this will be included with 0.1 as well.